The Diocese of the Southeast

A Diocese of the Reformed Episcopal Church and ACNA


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Notable Past Events

ACNA Provincial Assembly 2017

Bishop Gadsden joins with others in welcoming the Diocese of South Carolina to ACNA

Congregations within the Diocese of the Southeast and the Diocese of South Carolina area are already working and worshiping together to further God's Kingdom. Earlier in 2017, Bishop Gadsden was the guest speaker at the Diocesan Convention for the Diocese of South Carolina and last year, Bishop Lawrence was elected as a trustee for Cummins Theological Seminary. Pray for our continued impact on South Carolina and beyond as we come together in the name of Christ Jesus.

Dallas Skyline advertising 55th General Council June 14-16, 2017

55th General Council of the Reformed Episcopal Church

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Gathering of church leaders to talk and pray for healing racial tensions and furthering the message of Christ hosted by Bishop Gadsden in 2015

Attendees of Conversation on Race and Mission, 2015

After several national events of unrest and racial tension, Archbishop Foley Beach of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) called together leaders from around the Church to discuss issues of race, systematic injustice, and our mission to reach all of North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  On April 27-28, 2015, Bishop Alphonza Gadsden, Reformed Episcopal (RE) Church Bishop of the Southeast, graciously hosted this dialogue at one of his parishes, New Bethel Reformed Episcopal Church (ACNA) in North Charleston, South Carolina. The gathering for dialog and prayer took place at New Bethel RE Church in North Charleston, South Carolina.

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